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You can only send so many selfies, family group shots or photos of the dog on the couch to your inmate before it becomes boring for both of you. Have a party for the inmate Gather friends and family together and have a party.

Choose […]When a family member goes missing, it strikes fear in the heart of loved ones but panicking will not help the situation.

Everyone […]The class of drug is typically included in the criminal charge for possession, sale or use.

All who believe that teenagers deserve special attention at their time of need will be interested in the recommendations in this New York Times piece.

Read about it here: End Solitary Confinement for Teenagers Face it.

Just hearing each other's voices helps ease the tension and anxiety surrounding incarceration.

As nice as it is to get those calls, they can get expensive.

The following three ideas can make the calls fit your budget better.

Avoid Peak Hours for Collect Calls Many […]If your children are over the age of six or seven they should be told if you are addicted to drugs.

There will come a point where you will need to reclaim your life and get back among the living.

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The probation department has the ability to send a test off to be examined for tampering, but you don't have those same connections.

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