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They also eat more frites than anyone else in the world.

At the heart of this perpetual carnival is le Grand Place.

Naturally, there was plenty here to catch a toddler's eye.

During our rides around the city, Lucy spotted a Highland piper, a bird vendor, a Chinese pagoda, a pair of black-and-white minstrels, and of course, the Manneken Pis.

Although the service was sometimes a little basic, it was always endearing.

One waiter showed us pictures of his dog, and, at the flea market in Les Marolles, Granny was showered with little gifts.

Karl Marx was imprisoned here, in 1848, together with his wife (who was horrified to find herself banged up with the local tarts).

Since then, however - like Brussels itself - the place has undergone a certain redefinition.Even the restaurants, many of them superbly ancient, seemed to play along with the joke with names like "L'idiot du Village" and "Morte Subite" (Sudden Death). The chocolate was dangerously delicious and occasionally surreal (try it with garlic at Planète Chocolat).But, also, the Bruxellois' lack of pretension made them engaging hosts.But none of these little improvements alter the fact that Brussels is still a rollicking, Brueghelesque city, where often it's fun just to wander.The Bruxellois do nothing by halves, and yet nothing's serious; they like street music, puppets, and middle-aged majorettes (and Tintin is the national hero); they do their laundry in communal places like the Wash Club; and, each year, everyone gets through a staggering 16lb of chocolate.Although it does have its grand buildings, the Bruxellois, it seems, take a dim view of grandeur.

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