Sexmeeting with staranger

I cruised guys with them at bars, turning last-call drinks into sloppy threesomes at seedy after-parties.

But I’ve yet to meet one of them here on the other side.

hen people think of sex addiction, they think of men like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny who got caught barreling headfirst down the hedonistic rabbit hole.

But I am a female sex addict in the truest sense of the term.

I was no stranger to 12-step programs (see alcoholism, cocaine addiction), and had even attended a few sex-addiction meetings before, but was always too intimidated to return when I found myself the only woman in the room.

This time, however, I had the gift of desperation, which allowed me to dive into recovery, despite the all-male environments I encountered every step of the way.

This addiction took me to sex clubs and swingers’ parties where I blindly worked my way through man after man.

It led me to post thousands of ads on Craigslist seeking anonymous sex with men whose looks and details mattered less than availability.

And there’s something to be said for the arrangement – Women may be more prone to love, fantasy or romance addictions, which tend to lead to painfully codependent relationships or extramarital affairs.

And in fact, love addiction-focused programs do include a lot of women.

But for those like me, who acted out “like men,” those programs can leave you feeling judged and unable to relate.

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