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Clink any of the linked titles to read the corresponding Playboy review. TURNS OUT YOU CAN RESUSCITATE DEAD GENRES Know what it takes to breathe new life into a supposedly defunct movie genre?

And, of course, way too many major celebrity deaths—Prince, Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman, Garry Shandling, Anton Yelchin, Florence Henderson, John Glenn, more. So while we can still hold the hope that 2017 might suck a little less, let’s review what exactly what we learned from some things that went down in the cinematic universe.

I’m going to piss a lot of you off and I’m going to do it deliberately. More often than not the problem isn’t about being socially awkward, it’s about pushing boundaries; claiming that being socially awkward – or defending someone on the grounds that they’re just awkward – means that we shouldn’t be so hard on them becomes about excusing their behavior and helping them put pressure on women to tolerate that behavior.

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The lack of response and engagement is what’s known as a “soft no”; a way of indicating a lack of interest without a direct refusal.

This is something that men socialized to be considerate of other people’s feelings – even at the expense of their own – and face greater pressure to offer a “soft no” rather than a direct refusal, as a way of sparing the feelings of others.

One of the undertones of the “he’s socially awkward” excuse is that he’s being misunderstood. Here’s what’s happening when you’re telling someone that somebody deserves a second chance or should be forgiven for being awkward: it’s reframing a woman’s right to enforce her boundaries into a discussion about why the man shouldn’t be inconvenienced. but he didn’t given someone the benefit of the doubt – either because they questioned their own instincts or because of social pressure – and realized that it was a mistake to do so.

Having an aversion to people who trip up against their boundaries is important because predators use boundary testing to see what they can get away with.

They may not be used to social norms, have a hard time keeping the conversation flowing naturally, or get nervous and say the wrong thing at the worst possible time.

More often than not, someone who is socially awkward has poor social calibration; they may make people uncomfortable because their behavior feels it might be that they’re dangerous or there’s a hazard the rest of us haven’t noticed, but that “off” behavior is going to make us instinctively look for a threat.

This is something I’ve seen over and over again whenever the topic of meeting women comes up: the plight of the guys who supposedly have been mislabeled as “creepers” when in reality they’re just socially awkward and we should all be giving them a break, maaaan. Or maybe she should just teach him what he did was wrong! Almost everyone has been creeped out by someone out only to be told “Aw, he means well. ” There’s tremendous social pressure to look the other way, to “give him a second chance”.

All too often, we hear that someone who’s socially awkward should get a pass because, hey, he doesn’t know that he’s doing something wrong! Sure, he stands too close, ignores signs that people don’t want to talk to him, keeps trying to give women massages and says incredibly inappropriate things to women at the drop of a hat… He just doesn’t know any better,” or “Hey, he’s a nice guy! Let’s run down just what makes someone creepy again: That second one is incredibly important and forms a critical distinction: creepers and predators will frequently push against people’s boundaries in order to see what they can get away with.

After getting her name from a mutual friend, he tracked her down on Facebook and proceeded to attempt to woo her… After reading him the riot act, the worker put his conversation up online to equal parts applause for telling off a creepy guy with stalker-ish tendencies and prompting many others to excoriate her for – wait for it – not giving him a chance because he’s just a little awkward.

After all, it’s not like she didn’t tell him to doesn’t respond until the next day, 2/18 …

But being anxious or socially clumsy or inexperienced A socially awkward person frequently realizes that they fucked up almost as soon as the words are out of their mouth and will often freeze up or try to verbally backpedal; a creeper who is using “socially awkward” as an excuse on the other hand, will wield their supposed infraction against the other person as proof that they didn’t do anything wrong… In fact, we have an excellent example of this behavior. The Hot Topic Clerk” hit the popular image sharing site Imgur and rocketed across blogs and tumblrs into Internet legend.

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