Updating brass shower doors

The builder was very pleased with the quality of the fittings and was amazed at the price we had received it.It was delivered when they said it would be and everything has worked out in time, thanks to Bath Empire.

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Use a very fine grit sand paper and lightly sand all of the surfaces of the trim. Your ghetto rig job should look something like this: (Don’t judge me based on my garage right now.

We are in the middle of re-doing our entire house … This is our workshop for now.) Superman took fishing line (you can use very thin string as well) and tied several pieces back and forth across 4 boards in the garage.

That stuff eats through plastic cups in 3 minutes flat. cause you’ll have an awful lot of silicone caulking that will need to be soaked and eaten up by the Xylene.

Our solvent of choice was Xylene (you can find it at Home Depot).

and maybe find another tutorial because I can’t tutor you on a subject I don’t understand myself. After you have successfully removed every shred of silicone (and I mean every shred – paint will not stick to silicone …

If your shower does not have these, I guess you just omit this … PLEASE make a note of where each piece goes and how it fits back together. and it’s difficult to put the puzzle back together once you are done. Then, it will be loose enough to scrap right off with a razor blade.

Then, he laid the pieces of trim on top of those and sprayed the top and bottom and sides all at the same time.

(You’ll want to string your lines high enough that you can get under them to spray them at the same time.) When he was finished, there was just tiny little spots that needed to be touched up with a small brush, which I did after the shower was put back together.

So I don't really know what the quality is or how it will look - but pleased with purchase.

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